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Find to Ingmarsö

There are several ways to get to Ingmarsö and Brottö. Regular archipelago boats leave every day all year round. You can usually get on board in Åsättra on Ljusterö, Stockholm or Vaxholm and travel to Ingmarsö or Brottö.

Regular tours go to the jetty on northern Ingmarsö from Åsättra on Ljusterö, which is Ingmarsö's rejoining point, where you can also park your car. Most tours connect to bus 626 from Danderyds Hospital, see Waxholmsbolaget's timetable. Regular trips from the city also go to the northern jetty during high season and during spring and autumn.

Boat all the way from town takes between two and about three hours. If you want to arrive faster, you can take SL bus 438 from Slussen in Stockholm and get on the boat in Boda on Värmdö for some tours. Bus times are shown in the Waxholmsbolaget timetable.


Link to Waxholmsbolaget

Link to the Cinderella boats

Take a taxi boat
It is also possible to get to Ingmarsö by taxi boat from Åsättra on Ljusterö or Boda on Värmdö.

Go with your own boat
If you go with your own boat, there is a guest harbor at southern Ingmarsö.

Practical tips
Many see the boat trip through the beautiful archipelago as part of the experience. The boats are comfortable and have a cafe. You buy a ticket on board, and you must leave it when you disembark. SL's period card is valid from 9 January to 29 April and 3 September to 9 December. You can also pay with SL


Access/travel box on the boats.
During high season, there are so many tours that you have time to visit Ingmarsö during the day.
When you're going home, remember to turn up the bridge semaphore. With it folded up, you signal to the skipper that there are passengers to pick up.

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