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Welcome to Ingmarsö

Discover Ingmarsö, an idyll in the middle of Stockholm's archipelago.

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Ingmarsö and Brottö with outlying islands lie in the middle of Stockholm's archipelago. Close to the mainland, close to the outer archipelago. They are living islands with around 180 permanent residents. Here there is agriculture, industry, business, a restaurant and a guest port. There is much you can do on the islands – walk on marked paths in the beautiful archipelago landscape, rent kayaks and bicycles. Ingmarsö and Brottö are part of a well-preserved part of the middle archipelago with archipelago villages, harbor bays and remnants of older cultural landscapes - an area classified as national interest for cultural environment protection. On this site you will find information about the islands and its history as well as where you can stay and do here. Welcome to Ingmarsö and Brottö.

In the middle of Stockholm's archipelago

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World-class restaurants, accommodation, grocery store and guest harbor all on the same island

Ingmarsö bageri
Ingmarsö norrgård
Ingmarsö krog
Ingmarsö gästhamn
Coop Ingmarsö

Ingmarsö pub

Norrgården B&B

Coop Ingmarsö

Ingmarsö bakery

Ingmarsö harbor

Ingmarsö gårdsmejeri

Ingmarsö diary

Visit Ingmarsö, regular archipelago boats run every day of the year

Lotta's spalt

v2 (January 8-14)

First "real" week of the year, now everything becomes everyday again with work, school, preschool, library etc. Istabell is what applies on all Waxholmsbolaget tours right now. On Thursday, it's time again for a meeting regarding the construction of Norrgårdsladan - at 6 pm at Lurkan. This week the resident islanders turn 6 years old - CONGRATULATIONS to you ♥ (4-92) then I found out in the intervening days that a dear friend and neighbor has fallen asleep - we feel with the relatives.. hope you had a visit from the star boys Friday night - how much which was collected for the children's cancer fund, I will return with next week. Have to let you know that the water test shit..


Bicycles are available for rent in the guest harbor. Discover Ingmarsö on two wheels. Get around quickly and smoothly on the island's gravel roads and enjoy the surroundings.


The outdoor map over the island with marked hiking trails can be picked up free of charge at Coop or in the guest harbour. Enjoy the genuine archipelago landscape Ingmarsö is made for active leisure and offers many opportunities, such as hiking in the beautiful archipelago landscape.


Kayaks are available for rent at Norrgården's B&B. Rent a kayak and paddle around the island. For those who like to be close to the water, kayaking is the perfect summer activity. Take a coffee break on a nearby beach and enjoy Stockholm's archipelago. 


Enjoy the nice, cooling summer water. Snorkel along the shoreline, take a swim or take a refreshing dip after a long day in the sun.


Things to do on Ingmarsö,

a living island.

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