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Things to do on Ingmarsö


The outdoor map of the island with marked hiking trails can be picked up free of charge at Coop or in the guest harbour. Enjoy the genuine archipelago landscape Ingmarsö is made for active leisure and offers many opportunities, such as hiking in the beautiful archipelago landscape.



Bicycles are available for rent in the guest harbor. Discover Ingmarsö on two wheels. Get around quickly and smoothly on the island's dirt roads and enjoy the surroundings.



Kayaks are available for rent at Norrgården's B&B. Rent a kayak and paddle around the island. For those who like to be close to the water, kayaking is the perfect summer activity. Take a coffee break on a nearby beach and enjoy Stockholm's archipelago. 



Enjoy the nice, cooling summer water. Snorkel along the shoreline, take a swim or take a refreshing swim after a long day in the sun.



Ingmarsö offers first-class restaurants, comfortable accommodation, a well-equipped grocery store and a guest harbour, all on one island. Here, visitors can enjoy a complete and comfortable overall experience with food, accommodation and other activities. Ingmarsö is a versatile destination that combines culinary delights, relaxing accommodation and practical facilities all in one place.

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